Play Study Win, Inc provides sports and recreation programs for kids of all ages throughout New York, and the US. These include after-school programs, tournaments, sports festival events, travel teams, recreation leagues, camps, clinics, and events for sports and recreation programs that include but are not limited to; soccer, basketball, baseball, whiffle ball, lacrosse, hockey, beach volleyball & soccer, hand ball, kick ball, track & field, golf, tennis, volleyball, double-dutch, fencing, wrestling, and additional sports and recreation programs.

Partnering with many existing community-based organizations, Play Study Win Inc. will organize after-school and out-of-school-time sports and dance programs including clinics, tournaments, sports festival events, travel teams, recreational leagues and camps that include but are not limited to soccer, dance, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, hockey, volleyball, handball, track & field, golf, tennis, double Dutch, and step programs.

Utilizing almost 30 years of joint experience of running similar programs for other entities, the principal officers will be able to provide a program that is beneficial to the children, their parents, the school-based entities and education departments around the country.

The core of the program is--as its name suggests--PLAY STUDY WIN INC.

We anticipate that most of the PLAY STUDY WIN INC. program elements will take place in a school environment, playgrounds, parks and sports facilities, where we partner with existing non-profits who are providing academic enrichment. Working in tandem with these organizations we can provide a fully-rounded academic and recreational program that targets all aspects of a child's development.

When you PLAY, you learn about teamwork, respect, sportsmanship and discipline, all the while learning about healthy lifestyles and healthy choices. In addition, real skills-based training can engender a lifetime affiliation to a particular sport or activity that can reap many benefits.

In order to play you must STUDY. Attending school and after-school programs where the PLAY STUDY WIN INC. program is an important element. Various tracking mechanisms will be in place to ensure that the student is progressing successfully.

You will WIN if you complete the other two portions of the program successfully and be a leader on and off the playground, stay away from drugs, tobacco and continue your education.

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