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Work With Us at Play Study Win...

Do you have the time, the skills, the creativity, the chops, or the money to work with us here at Play Study Win? Drop us a line to tell us how you think you could contribute.

We're always looking for bright, motivated people who have a range of skill sets.

These might include web skills, legal skills, admin skills, accounting skills, sports, or recreation skills, writing skills, designing skills, dance skills, art skills or any thing else you might think of.

We are happy to supply our services to other 501c3's who operate in similar situations as us. i.e Working with children in underserved communities in and around New York City.

If you would like to donate to us --and that would be great!-- you can always do it though PayPal

We salute you!

What services does Play Study Win provide?
We offer a full range of sports & recreation services for children, for schools, and for commnuity-based organizations and clubs.

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