2013 Champions, PS 126Q


03/22/14 Pier 5 Saturday
12:00:00 PM IS125Q 9-3 MSAP
1:00:00 PM 217Q 10-1 MS442K

03/29/14 Pier 5 Saturday
1:00:00 PM MS349 0-7 IS 204Q

04/12/14 Pier 5 Saturday
1:00:00 PM Inwood 0-10 217Q

04/13/14 Randalls 51 Sunday
12:00:00 PM MS367M 1-9 MS127X
1:00:00 PM IS125Q 0-7 MS349M

04/26/14 Pier 5 Saturday

12:00:00 PM Inwood 4-1 MS442K
1:00:00 PM MS114X 2-2 MS42Q

04/27/14 Randalls 51 Sunday

12:00:00 PM MS127X 4-2 MS204Q
1:00:00 PM IS125Q 1-6 MS217Q
2:00:00 PM MS367M 2-5 MS349M

05/03/14 Pier 5 Saturday
12:00:00 PM Inwood vs 42Q
01:00:00 PM 367M vs 442Q

05/04/14 Randalls 51 Sunday
12:00:00 PM 204Q 3-1 125Q
01:00:00 PM 127X 2-0 349M

05/10/14 Pier 5 Saturday
12:00:00 PM 349M 4-0125Q
01:00:00 PM 136K 0-2 204

05/17/14 Pier 5 Saturday
12:00:00 PM 442K 2-0 42Q
01:00:00 PM 349M vs 217Q

05/18/14 Randalls 51 Sunday
12:00:00 PM 125Q 0-5 127X
01:00:00 PM 204Q 3-0 127X

06/7/14 Pier 5 Saturday
12:00:00 PM 217Q 3-0 127XX
01:00:00 PM 125Q 2-2 349M
02:00PM 442K 3-2 Inwood

Play Study Win is Happy to Announce the Return of Their City-wide Middle School Soccer League!

Beginning in March, Play Study Win is proud to announce the return of their city-wide middle school soccer league!
Drawing on our expertise with the Department of Education's CHAMPS program, together with our years of organizing leagues, culminating events and clinics in and around the City, the Middle School Soccer League will take place on Saturdays at Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 5 fields and Sundays on Randall's Island.
"This has been a long time in the planning stage and we're very happy to finally announce that the league is now in existance," said Play Study Win's Chairman, Ian Walker. "The new fields at Pier 5 allow the league a home where the children can participate in a fun, safe and secure environment while practicing the skills and drills they have learned in their own schools."

Previous attempts to organize a league have been stymied because of the difficulty in obtaining permits on quality fields during the weekends in locations where public transport was readily available. Pier 5 provides the league with all of these things. There is no cost to the children or schools for the league games which will be officiated by State-licensed officials, and underwritten by Metro Soccer NY.

Here are the teams that are currently participating. Already, there is a waiting list of teams looking to join and we hope to offer more playing time in the coming months.

Inwood Academy
IS 204Q

MS 127 X
MS 144X
MS 367M
Summit Academy Charter

Please contact us if you would like more information about the league, either as a school, or as a facility or as an organiztion that has permits that they might not be able to fully use and are looking to donate!

IS126Q defends against their longtime Long Island City neighbors and rivals: IS204Q at Pier 5, Brooklyn


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