April 2022 Blog

PSW Inwood ♥♥♥ Middle School Participants!

PSW Inwood partners with Inwood Academy for Leadership Charter School (Grades 5-8) to provide an enrichment program for our shared families.  Our goal is to Equip, Engage, Empower and help Expand horizons.  We do this through various Clubs, Activities and Sports.  Currently, we are in our 3rd trimester, desiring to finish the year with excellence.

Sports are crucial to engaging and equipping our participants with skills needed for life.  Here is Coach Joseph encouraging his players in their first game of the season.

Curious Minds is hands on Science:  from making ice cream to models of our brain from playdough.

Learning what our brain looks like and what each part does
Yum! Ice Cream!

DIY allows our participants to engage through their creativity.
One example is designing their own picture frames.

We love our Sewing Club!

And, what about our Art Expressions Club?
March allowed us the opportunity to help our young women learn to express themselves visually.